Quality, safety and environment have never been so close.

The colorimetric unit bases the control of chlorine with the colorimetric system with the DPD, which allows you to achieve maximum Chlorine control safety (0.1 ppm sensitivity) and the differentiation between free and combined chlorine.

The Colorimetric Control Unit Telepool Smart Save Energy combines the advantages of continuous control – under the system of maximum safety – of chemical-physical parameters of water in the basin with a focus on properly using the energy resources and the intelligent and responsible resource of chemical disinfection.

Telepool Smart Save Energy is the state of the art innovative model in the Telepool Line: it guarantees maximum water quality by combining the modular control of recirculation systems and producing significant energy savings; it has an LCD display increased with “touch screen” technology and management of the interactive pages in an intuitive and simplified form: it allows you to navigate quickly through the Menu and access the desired pages avoiding torturous and unnecessary searches.

Telepool Smart Save Energy is the result of thirty years of experience and investments in the field of research; it is a multi-parametric control and dosing unit that ensures safety and reliability – with high performance – at a competitive price and an unbeatable quality/price ratio.

Telepool Smart Save Energy represents and epitomises a new philosophy of Water Treatment, where respect for the environment, hygiene and safetyare combined.

The technological innovation is based mainly on an elaborated algorithm from the Research and Development Sector of the Barchemicals Group.

Telepool Smart Save Energy, through the continuous measurement of typical water parameters, as well as controlling the relative dosage systems, manages through the developed algorithm, to operate (turning on/off; or, in there is an inverter installation, motor slowing down) some of the recirculation pumps in the swimming pool, guaranteeing an energy saving on pump consumption and at the same time the maintenance of a large amount of water.

The continuous control of water parameters and the subsequent automatic control of doses of chemical products not only meets the Standards for public plants but also allows you to measure regular doses for a good quality of water and an optimisation of chemical product consumption.

Telepool Smart Save Energy, through the function of energy saving on the recirculation pumps, allows for an average electricity saving of between 25% and 30% with peaks in particular structures – of recent construction and/or low frequency – greater than 40%: results obtained by guaranteeing and maintaining the water’s excellent quality of chemical-physical parameters.

Telepool Smart Save Energy also deals with saving water: in fact, it recovers all the control water, reducing consumption to only a few litres per day required for washing the colorimetric measuring cells.

Telepool Smart Save Energy is easily and intuitively programmable; it allows you to introduce personalised alarms, on the basis of the limits and values of optimal reference or the Law; it allows for the measuring and preservation of data on a graphic screen; it handles the sending of sms on alarms and the possibility, even remote, of setting alarm modes.

It is available in 5 languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish and Russian.

Sizes: 700x650x300 mm
Weight: 10 kg

System Parts

  • SHUTTLE SYSTEM: Device combined with the Telepool control unit to export the connections with the power relay on the outside of the control unit.
  • KM – Assembly Kit: Everything that is required to install the control unit properly.










* KM: Assembly Kit