Our electrolytic cells use the most up to date technology to obtain the Chlorine, known as Bipolar electrolysis.
With this technique what you obtain is that the same electrode acts like an anode on the one hand and a cathode on the other. Furthermore, it is possible to program the polarity change in the electrodes. This causes a drastic reduction in the formation of calcium on the cells, a reduction of up to 95% of the maintenance and cleaning of the cells leading to them lasting longer.

The SMC salt sterilisers use the SMPS system, deriving from the world of computers, to adjust the power required to polarise the electrodes.
This ensures extreme precision in controlling the electrode work point, reducing wear considerably.

The Chlorine production control is not carried out by varying the power, as occurs in conventional sterilisers with transformer, but by interrupting the polarisation at certain frequencies. This has a direct effect on the longer lifespan of the electrodes and on a lower consumption.

“Switch Mode” Technology

  • Exclusive Bipolar Cell
  • 14,000 hours of lifespan in the cell
  • 60% less electricity consumption.
  • Reduced weight and bulk.
  • Aluminium structure. Completely protected from corrosion.
  • Lower heat generation.
  • Change in programmable polarity.
  • Adaptable to each swimming pool and every filtering plant.




Chlorine Production


Maximum size of the pool

100-150 m3

Recommended salt level

4 g/l – sea water

Average lifespan of the cell

14,000 h

Maximum flow

450 l/min

Maximum operating pressure

4.8 bar/480 kpa

Load loss

0.05 bar/5 kpa


24 VDC

Absorption (A)

5.0 amp

Requested power

220 VAC

Electricity consumption

200 Watt

Cell’s internal size

240 x 104 mm

Electrode type


Cell casing material


Cell material

Grade 1 Titanium

Polarity change intervals

Programmable 1-12 h


± 50 mm

Packaging sizes

600x350x150 mm

*On request