DDS-3000 ECO

Patented system fore the dilution and measuring of Calcium Hypochlorite in tablets.

  • It works under atmospheric pressure.
  • Floating level sensor.
  • It is possible to manage up to 4 pools simultaneously using a single DDS 3000 and two DSC in series.
  • DSC controls 2 pools and manages the measuring and preparation of the chlorinated solution.
  • Capacity of the product drum approx. 50 kg.
  • Sizes: maximum height 140 cm, maximum diameter 110cm.
  • Weight: approx. 20 kg.

Capacity of the product drum more than 50 kg
Sizes: maximum height 140 cm, maximum diameter 110 cm
Weight: approx. 20 kg



DDS 3000 ECO – Equipment where the product is diluted. It is made up of: cistern, drum for the product, shaker, ultrasound sensor, outlets for the chlorinated and drainage solution.

PEV 3000 SOLENOID VALVE PANEL – Device for controlling the flow of water. It is activated when the ultrasound sensor detects the absence of chlorinated solution.

DSC NEW – Double Station Controller. Electronic control unit capable of managing up to two pools simultaneously. Oversee the preparation of the solutions and their dosing.





DDS 3000 – 500 LT -ECO +DSC+PEV 3000-24V