UV Nanotech Line


The main characteristic of the UV-C NANOTECH Line is to work directly on two wave lengths:

Wave length of 185 nanometres, able to destroy organic and halo-derivative compounds that are a health hazard, such as: Chloroamines and THM (trihalomethanes) and other derivative compounds of suspected toxicity for human health.

Wave length of 253.7 nanometres capable of killing bacteria and viruses thereby disinfecting the water.

The UV-C NANOTECH OZONE combines the contemporary production of Ozone with these characteristics.

The technology of titanium nanotechnology applied to the inside of the container amplifies the ultraviolet light effect increasing its efficiency by more than 80%.

The line of UV-C NANOTECH systems includes a patented system for continual chemical cleaning of quartz pipes, thus constantly ensuring the utmost efficiency of the system.

The use of amalgam and low pressure UV lamps ensures their efficiency and a life of over 16,000 working hours

The high density Polyethylene tube and the passivated aluminium head ensure the maximum durability against any type of corrosion and tightness up to 10 Atm.

The lamp’s electronic control system enables obtaining the greatest performance and minimum energy consumption for the same installed power.

Continuous monitoring of the efficiency of the lamps warns us when the system’s performance is reduced.

performance reduction. The use of flow control prevents unnecessary overheating.

The combination of the UV-C NANOTECH system and the TELEPOOL Save Energy system for monitoring and remote control of the main parameters of the treated water enables coordinating and maximizing the results when the water treatment requires simultaneous use of UV radiation and other chemical treatments: it optimizes consumption, increases the efficiency of the system keeping it continually monitored (with multi-parameter recording), with the possibility of remote control and alarms in real time (SMS or WEBSERVER).


UV-C rays are employed in many different fields, in particular, to mention the main ones:

  • Treatment of drinking water: disinfection and elimination of complex molecules


  • Treatment of tap water: disinfection and elimination of Legionella

  • Treatment of swimming pool water: disinfection and elimination of Combined Chlorine and THM

  • Treatment of process water: disinfection and elimination of complex molecules

  • Treatment of SPA water: disinfection and elimination of complex molecules

  • Treatment of sea water: disinfection and elimination of complex molecules

  • Treatment of waste water: disinfection and elimination of bad smells

  • Treatment of air: disinfection and elimination of complex molecules and odours


The use of UV-C radiation for treating water and air lends itself to combined systems where the synergistic action of the UV-C radiation and other disinfectants enables obtaining extraordinary and eco-compatible results, such as:

Water treated with UV-C rays and disinfection with a daily addition of small doses of products that prolong the effect of the UV rays (UV + OXYGEN) guarantee healthy, clear, and crystalline water without causing damage to the skin, hair, mucosa or eyes; this combined action makes swimming extremely pleasant.

The great benefits of using UV-C rays can be summed up as follows:

  • Considerable respect for the environment with the use of C-type ultraviolet rays with physical and persistent action, no toxic residue for nature and human beings.
  • No risk of allergies.
  • No corrosion and no smell.
  • Compatible with most coverings and materials.
  • Easy, rapid installation.
  • Reliability.
  • Cost-effective treatments.



Code Description
0123068044 TUBE UV-C 2- 80 W – SEA WATER OZONE
0123068046 TUBE UV-C 3- 360 W – SEA WATER OZONE
0123068050 TUBE UV-C 5- 600 W – SEA WATER OZONE


Code Description
0123068036 TUBE UV-C 3- 360 W – SEA WATER OZONE PLUS
0123068040 TUBE UV-C 5- 600 W – SEA WATER OZONE PLUS