General characteristics MULTIPARAMETER INSTRUMENT M30 (related to panel 260202050)

Sizes available and related to the bottom of the scale: The multiparameter combination of sizes depends on the customer’s request.

All sizes available listed below:

  • pH: 0-14.00pH
  • Redox: 0-2000mV
  • Chlorine: 0-2.000ppmCl2, 0-20.00ppmCl2, 0-200.0ppmCl2
  • Temperature: 0-100.0°C
  • Conductivity: 0-200.0mS, 0-20.00mS, 0-2000uS, 0-200.0uS, 0-20.00uS
  • Turbidity: 0-1000ntu, 0-200.0ntu, 0-20.00ntu
  • Dissolved oxygen: 0-20.00mg/l

Display: colour 7”
Touchscreen: Capacitive touchscreen
Relay outputs: 5 voltage free contact relay setpoints (5 A max); 1 voltage free contact relay alarm (5 A max)
Analogue outputs: 4 proportional 4-20mA (400 W max) programmable by the company, with galvanic separation
Sensor inputs: Flow sensor input switch; Two inputs
Setpoints: 5 setpoints programmable in-company, with Setpoint HIGH, Setpoint LOW, Delay, Max Time, Alarm HIGH, Alarm LOW, Inverted, PWM, Flow arrest, Alarm arrest
Datalogger Data recording up to 100 years (daily file archive with recording each minute); WiFi connection; WiFi connection up to 54Mbit/s
Email Automatic datalog email transmission setup (WiFi connection required)
Language 5 languages available: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and other languages upon request
Remote control: Remote control from WiFi connection and Android app (requires WiFi connection and static IP address from server provider)
Updates: Immediate software update from Micon server (WiFi connection required)
Factory resetFactory reset utility
Power supply 100-240 Vac
Box Material ABV V0 – IP65
Sizes 202 x 184 x 106 mm


Code Description



* Panel with electric sockets, except feeder